Why should you consider building a website for your business?

Why should you consider building a website for your business?

  1. You can make money while still doing your 9-to-5.

More Bruneians are turning to more digital platforms than ever before to cater to their wants and needs. Every other day, you’ll hear a friend or family member placing an online order from a e-Commerce store or even through Instagram (from clothes to furniture to even tech products!) 

So, why not leverage this trend to your advantage too! The more your potential consumers become familiar with the use of e-Commerce or online stores, you would want to start thinking about investing in this space.

Having a website or an online store makes it easier for people to know what you’re selling. This could give you the competitive edge that you need to stand out from your competition – because you’ll always be at the right place, all the time.

  1. Scrolling online is the new ‘window shopping’.

A study has shown that 55% of shoppers used a brand’s website at some stages of their path to purchase (WARC, 2021). 

It is important to rethink the way that your customers experience your brand online. A brand that can provide a unique digital experience would create a more loyal consumer base, while helping customers remember you and your product better in the longer term.

  1. It can help you understand your customers more.

Ever really wondered what your customers actually like? Or why certain products that you sell tend to do better than others?

With all the online tools available, like Google Analytics, it’s so much easier to understand what your customers like and not like. You can now actively adjust the way you engage your customers and help create a better experience overall.

  1. You can actually measure how effective your money spent on ads are!

So, you post pictures on your IG page and it gets likes and follows. The question is, what next? Do these people actually become your customers in the end? Is the money you’re spending on your sponsored ads actually working?

With a landing page or an e-Commerce store, you will be able to test and see which ads work best for your social media page. This is because you’re creating a “destination” for when someone clicks your ad, which can lead to engagement (such as views, likes, comments). With the information gathered, you can now spend more efficiently with better results.

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