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Alfred Explains

01 Alfred Explains

Head-scratching, hands to chin, "Hmm...".
The telltale signs of an enigma!

Let us help you see the 'bigger picture' with insights that span various industries, coupled with a magnifying glass on consumer behaviour.

We're not necessarily cracking the laws of the universe here, but it's a step.

Case Study

Here’s a preview of projects we’ve worked on and the lessons we learned.

Industry Insights

Get a bird’s eye view of relevant information on what is happening across different sectors and industries.


Alfred Evolves

02 Alfred Evolves

The woven basket, the trolley, and now: the online shopping cart.

Things evolve based around needs, and the world's needs are now online.
So, let's get your business up and running on the digital space!

Digital Platform Construction

Host, build, and maintain online platforms such as websites or e-commerce platforms.


Talk with Alfred

03 Talk with Alfred

All of the world's greatest ideas started with a discussion.

Through management-level consultations, we provide industry knowledge, strategies, and a third-person's perspective to increase your business' performance and efficiency.

Strategic Communication

Applying communication systematically and consistently to assist in achieving a businesses’ goals and objectives.

Marketing Communications

Focuses on how a business communicates their message to its desired market, through the most efficient channels and tools.

Digital & Socials Recommendations

Analyse and provide insights on how to position your company on digital and social media platforms.

Media Buying Management

Optimising ad spend to achieve highest Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) across channels.

Technology & Tools Used


Discover how Meltwater helps PR and marketing teams monitor media coverage across both news and social media and enhance brand management.


Bring your teams, work, and apps together from anywhere in one tool with Asana. Get started to plan and manage all your team's work, from start to end. Progress Reports.

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