Alfred Explains

Head-scratching, hands to chin, "Hmm...".
The telltale signs of an enigma!

Let us help you see the 'bigger picture' with insights that span various industries, coupled with a magnifying glass on consumer behaviour.

We're not necessarily cracking the laws of the universe here, but it's a step.

Case Studies

The Good Stuff

The Good Stuff SUMMARY The Good Stuff aims to shift people’s perspective on healthy food, making it more accessible by...

Happy Cream

Here’s the scoop: We have been taking Happy Cream on a transformation. SUMMARY We’ve been taking Happy Cream on a...


Want to hear something neat? PowerWashers. SUMMARY PowerWashers challenged us to implement a media buy strategy to redefine their audience,...
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Data doesn’t have to be boring.

The language is different, procedures are complex, and the learning curve is steep.

Alfred helps guide businesses with consultations to allow them to make more strong decisions with facts and insight.