Alfred 101: How to Social Media?

Alfred 101: How to Social Media?

So you’re thinking of starting a new page on IG for your business (mainly because everyone else is doing it!). You then realize quickly how much actually needs to get done – from the shoots to the content design, style and copy… and this is just the beginning!

Don’t worry, we got you covered! Here’s a quick checklist for you to refer to when you need it:

  1. Your Branding Guidelines

Before even thinking about your content, you should already have this prepared.

This means truly understanding and setting rules of what your brand looks like, what it stands for, its mission, vision and the way you want it to be perceived by your customers.

You’d want to make sure that the way your brand looks corresponds with the identity of your brand, and that it is recognizable and distinguishable from your competition.

  1. Your content calendar

Stay on top of the game by organizing how your feed will look like!

It’s not just about the individual posts, but about how the posts complement each other – are the messaging coherent with the things that you want to convey to your customers?

This will help you plan your content ahead, while saving you time in the future to focus on the other aspects of your business operations.

  1. Set up your Business Manager account (on Facebook)

If you are thinking about posting ads on socials, you should really have this set up by now. This will help you keep track of how your ads are doing (impressions, reach, cost per clicks), while making sure that your campaign objectives are met.

  1. Ad budget

Your ad budget is simply the amount of money that you’re putting for your social media ads.

Now here’s the fun part – we find that from our experience there isn’t any right or wrong way to do this. Ad budgets can vary based on what objectives that you’d like to achieve for your ad campaigns, and it also depends on how much traction you’ve already managed to build on your IG page. 

With Alfred, we do a lot of testing in order to figure out what works for our clients. We like to explore different options in terms of which ads are the best for your target audience, whether it’s the photo you choose or the caption you write, so that you can always stay on top of the game.

Wanna experiment with us?

Talk with Alfred today!

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