Hey, Alfred.

The language is different, procedures are complex, and the learning curve is steep.

Alfred helps guide businesses with consultations to allow them to make more strong decisions with facts and insight.

Data doesn’t have to be boring.

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Tough enough to dig through slogs of data, but bendy enough to accommodate your needs to make data work for you.

Our mission is to approach it through these three ways:


We understand the value behind working quickly.

That's why Alfred's A-team of digital and creative experts work around multiple touch points to further increase efficiency, without sacrificing quality.


Memory favours the colourful and the interesting.

See, we're always trying to make meaning out of raw data. Through our creative output, data is transformed into simple yet conclusive answers.


We're always refining the best means to get from A to B.

Success comes with a great deal of experimenting. Alfred's forte is that we focus on the quickest and most effective means of getting results.


Data is a wonderful thing when it comes to honing your business, becoming more profitable, or making your efforts more effective.

This benefit shouldn't be limited to multi-national corporations with big budgets. We bring the power of data and analytics to the "every-business" – from the first-time entrepreneur, to the F&B opening their second location, to the GLC who is looking for an edge.

We wanna prove that you don’t have to be scared of data, and that it can be fun and simple for everyone!

Our Values


by nature. Like the very thing that drives the brightest minds, we’re compelled to—and unapologetically—ask the right kind of questions.


through performance. With brush in hand, we turn the colourless world of data into a vivid exhibition. Though we don’t do abstract.


in thought. Future problems call for future solutions. Approaching everything with a new way forward, or at least an alternative workaround.

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